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This is Kesia Joan


Kesia Joan embodies empowerment and purpose in the realm of jewelry. More than just adornments, the brand symbolizes rebirth, confidence, and the power of women supporting women. Every piece is crafted to inspire women who value personal bonds and empowerment. With high-quality designs, Kesia Joan elevates wearer confidence while championing female alliances and supporting aligned foundations.

Our Philosophy

Empowered Unity

Celebrating the profound strength and resilience of women, we stands as a beacon of sisterhood and mutual upliftment.


Purposeful Elegance

Beyond its beauty, each design carries a deeper significance, championing causes, nurturing personal bonds, and resonating with the heartbeats of our community.


Artistic Excellence

Every piece is more than just jewelry; it's a meticulous blend of passion, artistry, and the finest materials, weaving a tale of elegance and authenticity.


BehinD every piece

In 2022, I hit rock bottom with a divorce and a bout of depression, believing the story that I wasn't enough and blaming myself for everything. In the process, I was forced to leave the jewelry company that I had formed with so much love and dedication; it felt like losing custody of a child. A short time later, I found the path to healing. God's love and self-love helped me see the light and find myself again. I found jewelry as a means of expression to elevate my looks, making me feel more beautiful, empowered, and strengthening my self-esteem. Today, I am a new woman who learns from herself and all the lived experiences every day. I know I can create anything from scratch and bring to the physical world any element that's in my mind and heart.


Kesia Joan has given me purpose. With much more experience, I have once again found love and immense joy in creating a new high-quality jewelry company that connects with women and their stories, celebrates their triumphs, joys, and offers solace in adverse circumstances. What began as a journey out of my depression and helped me express myself became a passion to connect with women from all over the world and empower them through minimalist but impactful jewelry.


Today, I want you to know that you can be the woman you want to be, and that there are circumstances in life that might make you hit rock bottom, but they also drive you to push with all your might to rise in such a way that you understand that only you are responsible for getting out of the darkest pits of your life. Love and express yourself with Kesia Joan.

Miryelis Graterol

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